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Digital Marketing Training

Digiserve Solutions Ltd  is a Hubspot Certified agency with over 8 years experience in digital marketing and marketing automation.

Due to demand from our clients for skill transfer in collaboration with Wilde Digital Concepts we have developed a Digital Marketing Course that is comprehensive and practical.

This is a 4 Week Course that will be taught through inbound methodology we shall be covering the Digital content journey that begins at attracting visitors, moves to converting those visitors and eventually closing your leads to sales. This three stages shall be broken down to modules that teach you the depth of content creation and its place in Digital Strategy, as well understanding conversions and how to track them effectively.

Through this course we believe that the learner will be equipped to effectively create Digital Marketing Strategies for all industries and produce desired results.

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Become a Digital Marketing Pro today, learn the Do’s and Don’ts of Digital Marketing as well as how to execute  Digital Marketing Campaigns.

Intake: 29th September 2018

Fee: Ksh 50,000

Course Duration: 4 Weeks

Venue: Radisson Blue Park Inn Westlands 



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Inbound Certified
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Why inbound methodology ?

Although “inbound marketing” has certainly evolved into somewhat of an industry buzzword, it has also grown to become one of the chief marketing techniques for online business development.

Inbound marketing is about drawing people to your company naturally and organically. In contrast to traditional marketing methods that involve buying attention through ads and other promotional material, inbound marketing centers on earning your audience’s interest.

Doing so requires you to give your audience something of value, and this typically comes in the form of creating exceptional content. Hubspot’s Inbound Marketing Methodology provides a perfect breakdown of how this effectively works to draw consumers in by targeting them at different levels of product and brand awareness. Moreover, not only does inbound marketing help to generate traffic, it helps to keep it too.