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As an Entrepreneur for over 7 years my understanding of your business challenges give me a great cutting edge to understand your sales funnel challenges. I am an experienced digital marketer, certified in Facebook Blue Marketing, Inbound marketing, Hubspot Marketing Automation, Content Marketing, Email marketing and Google Adwords Mobile Advertising among other certifications that can be viewed from my LinkedIn Profile.

My goal and mission is always to make your customer find you and have an easier time understanding what you offer as a business by crafting a buyers journey strategy to attract, convert, close and delight your customers to become promoters of your business.

I and my team of experts look forward to partner with you to drive you closer to your intended destination.

Managing Partner

Big Data Analysis

Customers are becoming more and more dynamic especially the millennial generation. With this rapid changes it is important for your business to keep tabs on customer data and customer behavior to help you determine the right product mix or customer experience in order to last in the market.

Content Marketing

When it comes to content, context is the way you’re publishing, distributing and promoting your content. If you’re trying to connect in the wrong context, it doesn’t matter how good or bad your content is. It’s not going to be read, shared or discussed.

SEO Mobile Specialty

Mobile is growing at a rapid pace, both in terms of usage and monetization. Consumers now spend more time using mobile apps than desktop computers and mobile is the top digital ad category for growth (occupying an incredible 42.6%).

Professional Certifications