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We’re a Full Funnel digital marketing agency who’s sold on the advantages of HubSpot — an inbound marketing and sales SaaS — for both ourselves and our clients.

Being a bought in and committed HubSpot agency partner, we regularly look to their expert staff for industry trends and reports to help shape our business.

Just this week they released their 2017 State of Inbound.

The purpose of digital marketing in Kenya and sales has always been to; generate more traffic, more leads and more customers.

However audiences and their preferences as well as behaviors have changed. Your goals will always be to generate content, but people don’t want to just read content anymore. They want immersive video experiences. When it’s time to research a purchase or service a product, they don’t want to wait to talk to a rep on the phone. Instead, they’ll turn to an artificial intelligence-powered bot.

The way your customer shops and buys using digital marketing in Kenya is drastically changing.

The customer is in control, it’s up to businesses to adapt. A research by hubspot “state of inbound” would be a great resource to help you stay up-to-date on all the marketing and sales changes that matter for your business.

To learn more about the challenges marketers face today, download the free 2017 state of inbound report here.

But for a minute, let’s dig deeper. While last year’s State of Inbound report introduced the growing disconnect between businesses and their customers, this year we look at what causes this divide in the first place.

There’s a corporate gap forming between executives and their employees, and when misalignment forms inside the four walls of a business that can impact everything from employee retention to customer satisfaction. Consider these discrepancies:

  • 69% of executives believe their organization’s marketing strategy is effective, but only 55% of individual contributors in marketing agree.
  • 31% of executives believe that there’s tight alignment between their marketing and sales teams, but only 17% of both managers and individual contributors agree.
  • This trend continues on the department level: 45% of sales reps say they spend over an hour performing manual data entry, yet only 21% of executives said this is so.

In the 2017 State of Inbound report, we’ll break down the divide, as well as uncover international marketing priorities, new content distribution trends, and buyer communication preferences. Download this eye opening report that will help you optimize your digital marketing in Kenya and sales strategy for 2018.

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