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Real Estate

How Real Estate Firm Sold Out its Units in 3 Months

Project Detail

 What were your sales and marketing challenges before you used Digiserve Solutions Marketing Automation Software ?

The challenge of selling any real estate development based on financing is that you need to get sales results fast.  I knew that in order to stay organized and grow our business we needed a solid sales and marketing process in place – one that didn’t require a ton of employees.  We deployed Digiserve Solutions Marketing Automation sales and marketing software as part of our launch, knowing it would help us avoid the common pitfalls of running and growing our real estate development business.


ClientThe Water Front Mozambique (Real Estate)
Project Date2017

How has Digiserve Solutions Marketing Automation, specifically addressed your challenges?

Digiserve Solutions Marketing Automation’s simple CRM really helps me to stay organized, segment my contacts, and manage my sales process.  I use automated drip campaigns in each of our key service areas to communicate to new appointments and to reach out to unscheduled leads.

The Marketing Automation system also tracks the data that is needed for TW reporting.  I pull the data out of the Marketing Automation system and run a report to give me the marketing insights needed to complete critical TW reports, saving me hours per month.

A big struggle for most real-estate developers and businesses, especially as they are starting out, is lead generation. The integrated web forms from Digiserve Solutions Marketing Automation plug right into our Social Media marketing page, automatically sending leads directly into my CRM.  It saves me hours of manual data entry and more importantly, automatically kicks off an email and mini-campaign for new leads.

What was the big “Ah-Ha!” moment that reassured your decision to try Digiserve Solutions Marketing Automation System?

I knew as soon as I logged in that we had found the right solution for our business. Digiserve Solutions Marketing Automation is a simple, intuitive, cloud based solution that I could configure myself.  

Also, there is tremendous value in having everything in one place. The Marketing Automation combined CRM and marketing automation eliminated the need to patch together a bunch of tools.

What measurable results have you seen since you started using Digiserve Solutions Marketing Automation?

We had one of the most successful launches in our company history our first beach development and Digiserve Solutions was a big part of that.  

 Our development sold out over 75% in record time. Digiserve Solutions helped us stay organized and communicate with every customer along the way.  We could not have had the year we did if I didn’t have marketing automation deployed prior to launching our development.

1.00% CTR

22% Less CPA

303% ROI