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Brand Awareness SEO and Social Media Campaigns

Kafein Bistro Urban Coffee House

“Digiserve Solutions  has enabled Kafein Bistro to automate previously manual tasks, such as lead prioritisation, and reduce the time spent on these by 50%.”

Project Detail

Kafein Bistro is a modern coffee house that was looking to a strategy to create brand awareness using digital media as their budget was limited and their audience was easy to segment using digital media.

They approached Digiserve solutions to assist them in creating an inbound marketing strategy to create brand awareness as well as capture customer leads that would be natured into customers.

Our approach involved developing a goal oriented approach based on the challenge we were set to solve. This involved carrying out a buyer persona audit, developing content that resonates with the potential buyers across different digital assets (Website, Social media Channels and emails) setting up call to actions for conversions as well as automating lead nurturing for a better customer experience approach on table bookings, claiming coupon promotions and birthday reminders for returning customers as well as discount alerts.

Since becoming a Digiserve solutions customer, Kafein Bistro has seen their customer experience go from strength-to-strength across the board. Their use of the inbound marketing approach and data-driven approach has resulted in an impressive 150% increase in leads over the last 24 months. Better still, Digiserve Solutions  has enabled Kafein Bistro to automate previously manual tasks, such as lead prioritisation, and reduce the time spent on these by 50%.

Duncan was particularly impressed by the improved cohesion across sales and marketing, which has had a huge impact on the overall customer experience. Internally, where there was once no way for sales to understand the urgency of leads in the pipeline, they now have complete transparency and context on how to follow up, and when. For KB, customer experience is key and Digiserve Solutions Marketing Automation has enabled them to not only meet, but exceed the expectations of their customers and prospective diners alike.

ClientKafein Bistro
Project Date2017

Boosting Tool

Kafein Bistro can now also track leads and validate target personas, while gaining insight into how people are interacting with her calls-to-action. All Kafein Bistro’s content is now created in-house in an SEO-friendly way, eliminating the need for the SEO agency they were previously using. This has saved Kafein Bistro thousands of Kenya Shilings per month in outsourcing costs. “With Digiserve Solution’s Marketing Automation, we’ve been able to get the same result but with considerably less spend,” explains Duncan Nteere (CEO). Hosting the KB website on Digiserve Solutions Marketing Automation System has also given the marketing team more control as they can instantly make any changes without the need for third party input.

SEO Mentor

Kafein Bistro was able to monetize their social media campaigns and identify the different target audiences that they were attracting and were able to segment appropriate offers for each segment from happy hour, Sunday Brunch to Business Lunch.

The analytics tool enabled the KB team realize where to put in more effort and how to optimize for effective results which they were able to view as they implemented their campaigns. 

1.00% CTR

22% Less CPA

303% ROI

Impressive Results


Increase in leads in 24 months  


  Saved monthly in operational and outsourcing costs 


Reduction in time spent on manual marketing tasks