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Avo-Veg Ltd Fresh Produce Export Company

“Once we started using Digiserve Solutions, we started thinking outside of the box. Digiserve Solutions helped us to understand the difference between driving traffic and driving highly qualified prospects.”

Project Detail

Avoveg Ltd is a highly experienced company dealing in the processing and export of horticultural produce in our own packing house based in Nairobi, Kenya. We have the relevant international and local certification and are committed to consistent delivery of quality products.

Avoveg had no way of connecting online and offline efforts, or measuring their success. They essentially had no marketing strategy, and thus had no way of tracking who was coming to their website, what they were looking for, and if they actually turned into customers.


In 2014, Avoveg’s marketing strategy was virtually non-existent. There was no cohesive direction between online and offline marketing efforts. Was word of mouth actually working? Was the website getting traffic? How, when and why were people viewing the Avoveg homepage? There were a lot of questions and no clear answers as to what was an effective marketing effort. As sales began to stagnate, it was more important than ever for the company to invest in a marketing strategy. That’s why Founder Nathan Loyd ended up starting the marketing department, and found his first partner in success: Digiserve Solutions


ClientAvo- Veg Ltd
Project Date2014 -2017

How Digiserve Solutions helped

Nathan followed step-by-step guidelines from Digiserve Solutions. He developed a clear and coherent strategy using the SEO tool to optimize his site with targeted keywords, following Digiserve Solutions’ suggestions for blog post topics. Nathan began publishing blog posts about the current state of the fresh produce market and other topics his target audience found valuable. He used landing pages for offers like free Sample order, and found his conversion rates reach up to 20% on those pages. Avoveg accumulated more than 4000 inbound links organically, simply by publishing great content.

Digiserve Solutions helped to establish what Nathan calls a “culture of excellence” within the company. Through valuable content and inbound practices, Avoveg has a trustworthy brand identity that the firm may have floundered without. The market for Fresh export produce is not only financially competitive, but 97% of Avoveg’s clients are global markets. Because of this, it was absolutely imperative that their firm had a brand identity and reputation that is trustworthy. They now have a company culture that their clients deem worthy of investing in.

1.00% CTR

22% Less CPA

303% ROI